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Improving Teacher Discourse in a Reading Lesson
Faculty Publications
  • Ezra L. Stieglitz, Rhode Island College
  • William J. Oehlkers
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Department (Manual Entry)
Dept. of Elementary Education
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According to the Reading Report Card, teachers need to place more emphasis on teaching higher order comprehension skills and strategies. This advice (Educational Testing Service, 1985) was based on four national assesments of the reading achievement of American school children during the period 1970-84. Assesed were representative samples of 9, 13, and 17 year olds in school. In order to understand how well students can read, participants were given a wide range of materials and asked quations requiring a variety of reading skills and strategies.
Citation Information
Ezra L. Stieglitz and William J. Oehlkers. "Improving Teacher Discourse in a Reading Lesson" (1989)
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