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Hsiu-Chin Chen, PhD, EdD, RN, FHEA

Faculty Member


  • East Asian Languages and Societies
  • South and Southeast Asian Languages and Societies
  • Education

Research Interests

  • I am from Taiwan and have worked as a nursing faculty at UVU since 2004! This is my first job in the US and I have enjoyed teaching. Not to mention I need to challenge English as my second language
  • I also have faced cultural diversity in teaching. It never be easy to rest a little bit each year because the UVU has been growing fast. My research areas include leadership, job satisfaction, student satisfaction, instrument development, program evaluation, and cultural competence. Since two years ago, I have taken several workshops from the Office of Teaching and Learning. I have enjoyed in having and sharing knowledge and skills in teaching in every workshop. Although I have a busy schedule in teaching as most faculty have, I feel it is worth having an opportunity to explore information with other colleagues. After I become a HEA fellow, I feel it is time for me to share my teaching experience in a formal way and help the other colleague to appreciate the teaching as learning. I am so excited in knowing you and working with you in this networking process to produce quality teaching to our students.