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Andrew Harrington

Associate Professor of COmputer Science and Graduate Program Director


  • Computer Sciences
  • Programming Languages and Compilers

Research Interests

  • Dr. Harrington's research interests include Python, interactive online learning, algorithms, fractals, and iterated mappings. Dr. Harrington's work on Julia sets and orthogonal polynomials has been supported by the National Science Foundation. His mathematical research has appeared in many journals, including the Journal of Approximation Theory, Communications in Mathematical Physics, the Proceedings of the AMS, and the Journal of Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems.

Daniel P. Becker

Associate Professor of Chemistry, Loyola University Chicago


  • Carbohydrates
  • Heterocyclic Compounds
  • Hormones, Hormone Substitutes, and Hormone Antagonists

Research Interests

  • ‌‌‌‌Our research is focused on the design and synthesis of metalloenzyme inhibitors and also of serine protease and serine hydrolase inhibitors with antibiotic properties. In addition, we are interested in the synthesis and conformational dynamics of supramolecular scaffolds related to cyclotriveratrylene (CTV) with applications in host-guest chemistry. Other active research areas involve synthetic methodology including cascade reactions and metal-catalyzed functionalization reactions.