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National assessment program : ICT literacy technical report
  • Eveline Gebhardt, ACER
  • Julian Fraillon, ACER
  • Wolfram Schulz, ACER
  • Kate O'Malley, ACER
  • Chris Freeman, ACER
  • Martin Murphy, ACER
  • John Ainley, ACER
This report is concerned with procedures, processes and technical aspects of the National Assessment Program - ICT Literacy 2011 Literacy (NAP - ICTL 2011) and should be read in conjunction with the Public Report from Literacy NAP - ICTL 2011 which focuses on results and interpretation of results from that assessment. The first cycle of the NAP - ICTL was held in 2005 and provided the baseline against which future performance would be compared. The second cycle of the program was conducted in 2008 and was the first cycle where trends in performance were able to be examined.
  • Comparative analysis,
  • ICT in education,
  • Information and communications technology,
  • Literacy,
  • Measurement,
  • National programs,
  • Non English speaking background,
  • Online education,
  • Rasch model,
  • Scores,
  • Socioeconomic background,
  • Student assessment,
  • Student characteristics,
  • Year 10,
  • Year 6
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Eveline Gebhardt, Julian Fraillon, Wolfram Schulz, Kate O'Malley, et al.. "National assessment program : ICT literacy technical report" (2012)
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