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MetNet: Systems Biology Tools for Arabidopsis
Concepts in Plant Metabolomics
  • Eve Syrkin Wurtele, Iowa State University
  • Ling Li, Iowa State University
  • Dan Berleant, Iowa State University
  • Dianne Cook, Iowa State University
  • Julie A. Dickerson, Iowa State University
  • Jing Ding, Iowa State University
  • Heike Hofmann, Iowa State University
  • Michael Lawrence, Iowa State University
  • Eun-kyung Lee, Iowa State University
  • Jie Li, Iowa State University
  • Wieslawa Mentzen, Iowa State University
  • Leslie Miller, Iowa State University
  • Basil J Nikolau, Iowa State University
  • NIck Ransom, Iowa State University
  • Yingjun Wang, Iowa State University
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Book Chapter
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MetNet ( is an emerging open-source software platform for exploration of disparate experimental data types and regulatory and metabolic networks in the context of Arabidopsis systems biology. The MetNet platform features graph visualization, interactive displays, graph theoretic computations for determining biological distances, a unique multivariate display and statistical analysis tool, graph modeling using the open source statistical analysis language, R, and versatile text mining. The use of these tools is illustrated with data from the bio1 mutant of Arabidopsis.


This is a manuscript of a chapter from Wurtele, Eve, Ling Li, Dan Berleant, Dianne Cook, Julie Dickerson, Jing Ding, Heike Hofmann et al. "MetNet: Systems Biology Tools for Arabidopsis." Concepts in Plant Metabolomics (2007): 145-157. doi: 10.1007/978-1-4020-5608-6_10. Posted with permission.

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Eve Syrkin Wurtele, Ling Li, Dan Berleant, Dianne Cook, et al.. "MetNet: Systems Biology Tools for Arabidopsis" Concepts in Plant Metabolomics (2007) p. 145 - 157
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