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Unpublished Paper
Analysis of Organizational Ethics
ExpressO (2011)
  • Evan Slavitt
Whether an organization is ethical or not has become an increasingly important question both in public and legislative discourse as well as in the application of tort and criminal law. Historical approaches to organizational ethics have either attempted to evade the problem or sought to use paradigms developed for individuals. This Article reviews the various models that have already been proposed and explains why those models are unsatisfactory, focusing particularly on the attempts to articulate an organizational substitute for individual intent. The article then proposes a new framework that differentiates the various aspects of organizations and clarifies how ethical questions should be framed for organizations and how to answer those questions.
  • ethics,
  • corporate ethics,
  • ethical analysis,
  • organizations
Publication Date
September 15, 2011
Citation Information
Evan Slavitt. "Analysis of Organizational Ethics" ExpressO (2011)
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