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Unpublished Paper
Corporate Leadership and the Unfinished Diversity Movement
ExpressO (2011)
  • Evan M Roberts, Mr.
This comment explores topics relating to diversity in the board room. It begins by covering the benefits a diverse board brings to firm, focusing on the business case rationales of saving firms money, strengthening core business concepts and corporate governance and increasing shareholder value. Next, the comment explores why, despite the apparent value a divers e board brings to a firm, corporations remain largely homogenized at the highest levels. Current legal, social and economic principles such as tournament theory and labor market externalities appear to shed light on what specific problems diversity advocates must contend with if they hope to increase minority involvement. Finally, the comment examines specific strategies and case studies where corporations have implemented successful plans that improved boardroom diversity, and makes suggestions on what policies and practices advocates should follow to further the unfinished diversity agenda.
  • Diversity,
  • corporate governance,
  • shareholder interest,
  • tournament theory,
  • labor market externalities,
  • minority interests,
  • female interests
Publication Date
September 4, 2011
Citation Information
Evan M Roberts. "Corporate Leadership and the Unfinished Diversity Movement" ExpressO (2011)
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