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Building a Knowledge Base: Understanding Prospective Elementary Teachers’ Mathematical Content Knowledge
International Journal for Mathematics Teaching and Learning
  • Eva Thanheiser, Portland State University
  • Christine Browning, Western Michigan University
  • Alden Edson, Western Michigan University
  • Signe Kastberg, Purdue University
  • Jane-Jane Lo, Western Michigan University
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  • Mathematics teaching and learning,
  • Student teachers
This survey of the literature summarizes and reflects on research findings regarding elementary preservice teachers’ (PSTs’) mathematics conceptions and the development thereof. Despite the current focus on teacher education, peer-reviewed journals offer a surprisingly sparse insight in these areas. The limited research that exists chiefly presents views of PSTs’ reasoning at singular points during a term, thus focusing on conceptions almost to the exclusion of the their development. We summarize the current findings, which are a beginning of a collective understanding of PSTs’ mathematical content knowledge. We believe much more work is needed to understand how PSTs can best develop their content knowledge. This is a call to the community to produce such peer-reviewed research.

This is the final version published in International Journal for Mathematics Teaching and Learning, an open access journal that allows not-for-profit dissemination.

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Thanheiser, E., Browning, C. Edson, A.J., Kastberg, S., Lo, J.J., “Building a Knowledge base: Understanding prospective elementary school teachers’ mathematical content knowledge.” International Journal for Mathematics Teaching and Learning. July 2013.