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About Euna Han

Euna Han, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the College of Pharmacy at the Yonsei University, Inchon, South Korea. She received her doctorate in Health Policy and Management, specializing health economics, from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2006. Dr. Han, a health economist, has considerable research experience in the area of the economics of obesity. Her research has previously examined the economic consequences of obesity, exploring the potential underlying mechanisms of the association of obesity with employment and earnings in various populations. Dr. Han’s current research primarily focuses on assessing how children’s and adolescents’ health behaviors and consequential body weight outcomes are affected by economic and environmental factors, such as food prices, access to food outlets, advertising, and organizational characteristics of schools. She is leading and collaborating in various studies that explore the relationship of those contextual factors with obesity, particularly focusing on disadvantaged children and adolescents. She is also conducting various studies assessing factors associated with medical adherence and outcomes related to compliance.


Present Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy, Yonsei University, Inchon, South Korea, Yonsei University

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Euna Han, PhD
Associate Professor
College of Pharmacy
Yonsei University
Incheon, Korea
phone: +82-32-749-4511

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