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Advancing the Art and Science of Planning
Departmental Papers (City and Regional Planning)
  • Eugenie L. Birch, University of Pennsylvania
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Journal Article
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Reprinted from Journal of the American Planning Association, Volume 46, Issue 1, January 1980, pages 22-49.

The author, Dr. Eugenie L. Birch, asserts her right to include this material in ScholarlyCommons@Penn.
The interplay between harmony and conflict focusing on the definition of planning and the financing of promotional activities has characterized the seventy year history of the professional organizations. Despite these currents, foundation support, visionary leadership, and dedicated volunteerism have combined to spread the planning ideal throughout the nation. Nonetheless, the profession remains weakly defined, leaving a challenge for the newly formed American Planning Association.
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Eugenie L. Birch. "Advancing the Art and Science of Planning" (1980)
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