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Conversion of Sagebrush Shrublands to Exotic Annual Grasslands Negatively Impacts Rodent Communities
Diversity and Distributions (2009)
  • Steven M. Ostoja
  • Eugene W. Schupp, Utah State University

Main conclusions  This survey of rodent communities in native sagebrush and in converted cheatgrass-dominated vegetation suggests that the abundances and community composition of rodents may be shifting, potentially at the larger spatial scale of the entire Great Basin, where cheatgrass continues to invade and dominate more landscape at a rapid rate.

  • Conversion,
  • Sagebrush,
  • Shrublands,
  • Exotic,
  • Grasslands,
  • Impacts,
  • Rodent,
  • Communities
Publication Date
September, 2009
Citation Information
Ostoja, S.M. and E.W. Schupp. 2009. Conversion of sagebrush shrublands to exotic annual grasslands negatively impacts rodent communities. Diversity and Distributions 15: 863‐870.