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Reproductive Biology of Curlleaf Mountain Mahogany, Cercocarpus ledifolius (Rosaceae): Self-Compatibility, Pollen Limitation, and Wind Pollination
Plant Species Biology (1998)
  • Susan K. Russell
  • Eugene W. Schupp, Utah State University
  • Vincent J. Tepedino

n this study, we explore the reproductive biology of Cercocarpus ledifolius (Rosaceae), a species showing extremely limited recruitment throughout its range in the Intermountain West, USA. We examined (1) self-compatibility, (2)the potential for wind pollination, (3) pollen limitation of seed production, and (4)loss of developing seeds. Through hand-pollination experiments, we determined that C. ledifolius flowers are highly self-compatible. Abundant seeds were produced from flowers pollinated with pollen from the same plant, and the level of seed production did not differ from control outcrossed treatments. Furthermore, we measured substantial airborne pollen loads within C. ledifolius stands, indicating transport of pollen via wind and a strong potential for wind pollination, despite apparent adaptations for insect pollination...

  • Reproductive,
  • Biology,
  • Curlleaf Mountain Mahogany,
  • Self-Compatibiliy,
  • Pollen,
  • Limitation,
  • Wind,
  • Polination
Publication Date
June, 1998
Citation Information
Russell, S.K., E.W. Schupp, and V.J. Tepedino. 1998. Reproductive biology of curlleaf mountain mahogany, Cercocarpus ledifolius (Rosaceae): self-compatibility, pollen limitation, and wind pollination. Plant Species Biology 13: 7–12.