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Revisiting faultline conceptualization: measuring faultline strength and distance
Quality & Quantity (2010)
  • Elaine L. Zanutto
  • Katerina Bezrukova, Santa Clara University
  • Karen A. Jehn, Melbourne Business School
The purpose of this research is to develop a conceptually and methodologically sound measure of group faultlines (demographic alignment of members along multiple attributes within a group). This measure takes into account the concept of faultline strength (the extent of a demographic alignment across members within a group) and, thus far neglected in past work, the concept of faultline distance. This faultline distance measure reflects how far apart the emerging subgroups are on demographic characteristics. This new, more elaborate conceptualization of faultlines is validated by presenting a number of hypothetical examples that demonstrate the distinct properties of faultline measures. We also validate our measures by empirically examining the relationships between faultline strength and distance, and active, or perceived, faultlines.
  • Faultline measure; Faultline strength; Faultline distance
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Elaine L. Zanutto, Katerina Bezrukova and Karen A. Jehn. "Revisiting faultline conceptualization: measuring faultline strength and distance" Quality & Quantity (2010)
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