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Diversity and team learning: the impact of faultlines and psychological safety
Behavior and Organizations (2008)
  • Joyce Rupert, Leiden University
  • Karen A. Jehn, Melbourne Business School
In this field study, we investigated 186 members of 70 management teams and tested the relationship between perceptions of team members 'fault lines' (hypothetical dividing lines in a team under diverse features) and different types of team learning task, process and social learning. From the results showed that when team members fault lines experienced fewer learning task in the team took place. This relationship was mediated by psychological safety. This study complements the literature on team learning, by demonstrating that experienced on different fault lines ways related to team learning, depending on the topic learning relates. In addition, an apparent psychological safety important underlying process in the relationship between perceived fault lines and team learning.
  • fault lines; team learning; psychological safety
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Joyce Rupert and Karen A. Jehn. "Diversity and team learning: the impact of faultlines and psychological safety" Behavior and Organizations Vol. 21 Iss. 2 (2008)
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