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Quantitative mid-infrared spectra of allene and propyne from room to high temperatures
Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy (2014)
  • Et. Es-sebbar, KAUST
  • A. Jolly
  • Y. Benilan
  • A. Farooq, KAUST

Allene (a-C3H4; CH2CCH2) and propyne (p-C3H4; CH3C2H) have attracted much interest because of their relevance to the photochemistry in astrophysical environments as well as in combustion processes. Both allene and propyne have strong absorption in the infrared region. In the present work, infrared spectra of a-C3H4 and p-C3H4 are measured in the gas phase at temperatures ranging from 296 to 510 K. The spectra are measured over the 580–3400 cm−1 spectral region at resolutions of 0.08 and 0.25 cm−1 using Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy. Absolute integrated intensities of the main infrared bands are determined at room temperature and compared with values derived from literature for both molecules. Integrated band intensities are also determined as a function of temperature in various spectral regions.

  • Allene; Propyne; Infrared absorption cross-section; Integrated intensities; FTIR
Publication Date
Fall September 30, 2014
Citation Information
Et. Es-sebbar, A. Jolly, Y. Benilan and A. Farooq. "Quantitative mid-infrared spectra of allene and propyne from room to high temperatures" Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy Vol. 305 (2014)
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