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Marketing metrics' usage : its predictors and implications for customer relationship management
Industrial Marketing Management
  • Ling Yee, Esther LI, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
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Journal article
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Elsevier Inc.
  • Marketing metrics,
  • customer relationship management,
  • value-based organizational culture and processes,
  • cross-functional conflict,
  • innovative value proposition

This research aims to determine the conditions that foster use of marketing metrics in customer relationship management (CRM) and identify the organizational factors that strengthen/weaken the impact of usage of marketing metrics on CRM performance. Based on the customer value-based theory of the firm and the contingency perspective, a research framework was developed to shed light on the predictor roles of customer value-based organizational culture and processes in determining usage of marketing metrics, and foster an understanding of the moderating roles of marketing-supply chain conflict, and innovative value proposition on the marketing metric-performance relationships. Empirical evidence from a sample of 209 business firms confirmed the main effect that customer value-based organizational culture and processes support a firm's use of marketing metrics that in turn enhance its CRM performance. Notable moderating effects were also identified. Although marketing-supply chain conflict weakens the impact of marketing metrics usage in achieving superior CRM performance, innovative value proposition strengthens the conversion of marketing-metric-related knowledge into superior CRM performance.

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Li, L. Y. E. (2011). Marketing metrics' usage: Its predictors and implications for customer relationship management. Industrial Marketing Management, 40(1), 139-148. doi: 10.1016/j.indmarman.2010.09.002