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On Military Memoirs. Soldier-authors, publishers, plots and motives
  • L.H.E. (Esmeralda) Kleinreesink
Until now, research into military memoirs was often an Anglo-American and always a qualitative affair. This study, however, takes a completely new approach to researching soldier-authors in order to answer four main questions: • Who are these soldier-authors? • Who publishes them? • What do they write about? • Why do they say they write? Every Afghanistan autobiography published between 2001 and 2010 by a soldier, whether published by a traditional publisher or self-published, is statistically researched. Not only all books from English speaking countries such as the US, the UK and Canada, but also every memoir written in Germany and the Netherlands. In an easy to follow writing style, even for people without a statistical background, it provides factual data on these authors and their work that is often surprising. But this book is not only about numbers, as it combines this quantitative research with qualitative analyses. This mixed method, cross cultural approach not only answers the basic who, what and why questions, but makes it also possible to answer all sorts of other questions military and egodocument researchers, but also publishers have long wondered about: Are soldier-authors a special breed among soldiers, or not? Do soldiers from different countries write about different things, or is there just one, shared military experience in all these countries? And do self-published books differ from books published by traditional publishers? This book will provide all these answers, and many more.
  • military memoir,
  • autobiography,
  • egodocument,
  • soldier-author,
  • writer,
  • Afghanistan,
  • self-publishing,
  • book publishing,
  • publisher,
  • book market,
  • writing motive,
  • plot,
  • disillusionment,
  • deployment,
  • veteran,
  • reservist,
  • mixed-method,
  • cross-cultural,
  • military culture,
  • warrior nation,
  • Netherlands,
  • UK,
  • US,
  • Canada,
  • Germany
Publication Date
September 11, 2014
Citation Information
L.H.E. (Esmeralda) Kleinreesink. On Military Memoirs. Soldier-authors, publishers, plots and motives. Breda(2014)
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