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Introduction to the Special Issue on Immigration Detention
Law & Society Review (2020)
  • Emily Ryo
In a recent article, I called for the development of a systematic field of study devoted to investigating the causes, conditions, and the consequences of immigration detention (Ryo 2019). The two articles in this special issue are cutting-edge studies that answer that call. They leverage multiple methods to overcome enormously difficult data challenges that plague this area of research. As I have argued, “immigration detention . . . is shrouded in secrecy and bureaucratic barriers that obstruct researchers’ access to government data and detention facilities” (Ryo 2019: 98). The studies presented in this special issue illustrate how researchers can rise to this challenge with creativity and persistence to shine a light on largely hidden but critical aspects of immigration detention.
  • immigration enforcement,
  • immigration detention
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Emily Ryo. "Introduction to the Special Issue on Immigration Detention" Law & Society Review Vol. 54 (2020) p. 750
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