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The Philosophy of Mythology
A Companion to Early German Romantic Philosophy
  • Erwin F Cook, Trinity University
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Contribution to Book
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The early German romantic philosophy of myth can help elucidate the nature of romanticism itself, which notoriously resists descriptive or theoretical definition. To be sure, myth is an equally problematic term, whose precise meaning varies among romantic philosophers, though its role in the romantic project remains usefully consistent: myth is offered as a solution to the crisis of modern alienation, or, more radically, to the crisis of the subject object dichotomy. The sources of this alienation are likewise varied but broadly coherent. I will mention those relevant to the task at hand.
Elizabeth Milán, Judith Norman
Citation Information
Cook, E. (in press). The philosophy of mythology. In E. Milán & J. Norman (Eds.), A companion to early German romantic philosophy. Brill.