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An Outline of Roman Civil Procedure
Roman Legal Tradition (2013)
  • Ernest Metzger, University of Glasgow

This is a broad discussion of the key feature of Roman civil procedure, including sources, lawmaking, and rules. It covers the three principal models for procedure; special proceedings; appeals; magistrates; judges; and representation. It takes account of new evidence on procedure discovered in the last century, and introduces some of the newer arguments on familiar but controversial topics. Citations to the literature allow further study.

  • Roman law,
  • Roman civil procedure
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Publisher Statement
Published by the Ames Foundation at the Harvard Law School and the University of Glasgow School of Law. This work may be reproduced and distributed for all non-commercial purposes. Copyright © 2013 by Ernest Metzger. All rights reserved apart from those granted above. ROMANLEGALTRADITION.ORG
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Ernest Metzger. "An Outline of Roman Civil Procedure" Roman Legal Tradition Vol. 9 (2013)
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