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Electronic Checklist Implementation: Transition Training and GA Usage
Aviation / Aeronautics / Aerospace International Research Conference
  • Krystal M Megha
  • Erin Bowen, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Prescott
Topic Area
In this conceptual study, the authors explore the development of checklists for fixed-wing aviation operations, including their utility in accomplishing identified goals and adherence to human factors design principles. Furthermore, the authors review the current status of the aviation industry transition to electronic checklists, comparing them to their paper counterparts, and assess adherence to human factors principles in electronic checklist design and implementation. The role of electronic checklists in general aviation operations and safety implications of the electronic transition are discussed. Brief Summary of Research: Anecdotal evidence suggests that more and more pilots at both the general aviation (GA) and commercial pilot levels are utilizing electronic checklists for operations, rather than paper-based checklists. Empirical research has focused on isolated components of the implementation process and raised the specter of safety and situational considerations in the transition from paper-based to electronic checklist; however, there have been few attempts to synthesize the available findings on electronic checklist transition and relate the “state of the industry” in this regard to human factors design principles. In the present conceptual study, the authors review available literature on the paper-to-electronic checklist transition, identify the status of electronic checklists in general aviation operations, and evaluate both paper-based and electronic checklists in relation to identified human factors design principles. Based on these results, the authors propose revisions to the electronic checklist transition and usage processes and identify safety-critical next steps.
Start Date
17-1-2015 11:30 AM
End Date
17-1-2015 1:00 PM
Citation Information
Krystal M Megha and Erin Bowen. "Electronic Checklist Implementation: Transition Training and GA Usage" (2015)
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