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More bang for the buck : sharing personnel and resources across institutions
Management : Innovative Pratices for Archives and Special Collections (2014)
  • Erin Passehl-Stoddart, University of Idaho
  • Jodi Allison-Bunnell
Contemporary archives often face a common set of challenges no matter the size of their institution, program, or scope. These challenges may include a wealth of collections without a way to effectively expose them to researchers; collections with common origins or subject matter that are dispersed across states, regions, or the nation; a lack of full-time staff; or staff that have so many responsibilities that not all basic archival functions can be addressed. Surrounding this all are budget challenges and the need to find new ways of accomplishing goals. One of the ways to address many of the challenges listed above is to share short-term staff across institutions, a method that has been used with great success on a number of projects.
In the past three years, two projects in the Pacific Northwest received grants to fund shared personnel to accomplish a multitude of goals ranging from processing papers to establishing archives administrative procedures and best practices. In addition to building archival programs deemed worthy of long-term support by their parent institutions, these grants sought to expose the hidden collections held by these institutions and to enable their use by researchers. Both projects hired short-term shared personnel that traveled to each institution. The projects were the Emergent Archival Programs NHPRC grant, administered by the Orbis Cascade Alliance; and the Oregon Governors LSTA grant, administered by Western Oregon University.
  • archives,
  • management,
  • personnel,
  • grants
Publication Date
Kate Theimer
Rowman & Littlefield
Innovative practices for archives and special collections, no. 4.
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Erin Passehl-Stoddart and Jodi Allison-Bunnell. "More bang for the buck : sharing personnel and resources across institutions" LanhamManagement : Innovative Pratices for Archives and Special Collections (2014)
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