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Digital Archives 101 Workshop
Idaho Librarian (2010)
  • Erin Passehl, Boise State University
  • Amy Vecchione, Boise State University

Passehl and Vecchione geared the workshop towards how to get started with digital collections and how even small institutions can start the digitization planning process. The workshop was not an in-depth explanation about standards or scanning processes; instead they presented the different issues to consider when planning for digital projects. By creating a Digital Collection Resources toolkit to accompany the presentation, Passehl and Vecchione hoped to help smaller libraries understand the process and resources needed to start creating their digital collections.

  • Digital collections,
  • digital archives,
  • planning,
  • digitization
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Erin Passehl and Amy Vecchione. "Digital Archives 101 Workshop" Idaho Librarian Vol. 60 Iss. 2 (2010)
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