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Alfalfa Weevil Hatch is Early in 2012
Integrated Crop Management News
  • Erin W. Hodgson, Iowa State University
  • Adam J. Sisson, Iowa State University
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Alfalfa weevil is an important defoliating pest in alfalfa. Heavy infestations can reduce tonnage and forage quality. Adults can feed on plants, but the larvae typically cause the majority of damage. Newly hatched larvae can be found feeding on terminal leaves, leaving newly expanded leaves skeletonized. Gradually maturing larvae (Fig. 1) move down the plant and begin feeding between leaf veins. Adults (Fig. 2) eat along the leaf margin, leaving irregular notches. A heavily infested field will look frosted or silver (Fig. 3).
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Iowa State University
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Erin W. Hodgson and Adam J. Sisson. "Alfalfa Weevil Hatch is Early in 2012" (2012)
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