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Current challenges in managing corn rootworm
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  • Erin W. Hodgson, Iowa State University
  • Aaron J. Gassmann, Iowa State University
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Corn rootworm is a major pest of corn in the United States. In the last decade, Iowa farmers have seen many changes for managing corn rootworm. With the commercial release of transgenic Bt-rootworm corn in 2003, many farmers reduced or eliminated soil-applied insecticides to manage larvae. Western corn rootworm is adapting to transgenic technologies throughout the Corn Belt. Some continuous cornfields have larvae that can now survive at high numbers and cause severe root injury to Bt corn. We encourage farmers to use multiple strategies to protect corn.

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Iowa State University Extension and Outreach
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Erin W. Hodgson and Aaron J. Gassmann. "Current challenges in managing corn rootworm" Ames, IA(2012)
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