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Landowner perceptions of three types of boating in the Saranac Lakes area of New York State׳s Adirondack Park
Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism (2015)
  • Diane Kuehn
  • Rudolph Schuster
  • Erik Edward Nordman, Grand Valley State University
In order for natural resource managers to better understand conflicting landowner perspectives related to non-motorized, motorized, and personal watercraft use, this study examines the demographic and experiential characteristics, values, attitudes, and beliefs of landowners in the Saranac Lakes area of the Adirondack Park in New York State. A mixed-methods approach, composed of 20 in-depth interviews with land managers and a mail survey of 1000 landowners, was used. Three path analyses were completed, one for each type of boat use. Results indicate that resource-related values influence beliefs and attitudes related to boat use, supporting the cognitive hierarchy model of human behavior (Fulton, D. C., Manfredo, M. J., & Lipscomb, J. (1996). Wildlife value orientations: a conceptual and measurement approach. Human Dimensions of Wildlife, 1, 24–47). In addition, length of residence in the area, past participation in non-motorized and motorized boating, age, and education were found to influence attitudes towards certain types of boating. The results of this study can be used by natural resource managers to identify management strategies that better address the values and recreational interests of landowners. Management implications A mixed methods approach, including a path analysis, of landowner perspectives on three types of boating can assist resource managers to 1. Understand differences in beliefs and attitudes of boaters – providing insight into existing and potential boater conflicts. 2. Create boater education programs that influence the basic beliefs and attitudes specific to landowner concerns. 3. Create recreational opportunities that meet resident needs, and garner resident support for management efforts.
  • Values; Attitudes; Beliefs; Motorized boating; Non-motorized boating; Personal watercraft use
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Diane Kuehn, Rudolph Schuster and Erik Edward Nordman. "Landowner perceptions of three types of boating in the Saranac Lakes area of New York State׳s Adirondack Park" Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Vol. 9 (2015)
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