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Teaching, Transgressing: Film Studies in Juvenile Detention
AREA Chicago: No Justice, No Peace (2007)
  • Ericka B. Adams, San Jose State University
  • Eréndira Morales
  • Karen Benita Reyes
  • Laurie Schaffner
  • LaTosha Traylor
From Theory to Reality

In the summer of 2006, a group of graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Illinois at Chicago came together under the faculty sponsorship of sociologist Laurie Schaffner to study female juvenile delinquency. We sked, “What is being in the system like for young women,” and “What kinds of interventions might provide brief creative and empowering relief over a long, hot summer for young women in detention?” Out of these questions, we developed the Saturday Night Film Festival for Girls in the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center (CCJTDC).
Publication Date
March, 2007
Citation Information
Ericka B. Adams, Eréndira Morales, Karen Benita Reyes, Laurie Schaffner, et al.. "Teaching, Transgressing: Film Studies in Juvenile Detention" AREA Chicago: No Justice, No Peace Vol. 4 (2007) p. 28 - 29
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