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Mass Migration in the World-System
Sociology & Anthropology Faculty Book and Media Gallery
  • Terry-Ann Jones, Fairfield University
  • Eric Mielants, Fairfield University

Co-Editors: Terry-Ann Jones and Eric Mielants

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Mass Migration in the World-System offers diverse perspectives on the political, economic, social and environmental impact of international domestic migration. Written with a balance of quantitative, qualitative, and theoretical contributions and insights, this book brings to light the multiple experiences of migrants across different zones of the world economy. By engaging wide-ranging ideas and theoretical viewpoints of the migration process, the labor market for immigrants, and the rights of migrants, this book provides an important–and much needed–interdisciplinary perspective on the issues of mass migration. -- Publisher description.
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Terry-Ann Jones and Eric Mielants, Eds., Mass Migration in the World-System, Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers, 2010


Copyright 2010 Paradigm Publishers

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Terry-Ann Jones and Eric Mielants. "Mass Migration in the World-System" (2010)
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