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Dependent Variables in Entrepreneurship Research
The Journal of Entrepreneurship
  • Eric Shaunn Mattingly, Boise State University
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Phenomena relevant to the emergence of new economic activity or interruptions and changes to current economic activities, rather than contexts, are what constitute entrepreneurship. A re-emphasis on phenomenon-driven research will widen the context of entrepreneurship research, help delineate entrepreneurship as a domain, and provide greater emphasis on the selection and operationalisation of dependent variables. Entrepreneurship is a multi-level discipline, which provides some benefits as well as challenges. One benefit is the contribution to other fields. within social science that results from research at various levels. A resulting challenge is dealing with heterogeneity that occurs at various levels. This paper discusses and offers illustrative examples each of these implications of phenomenon-driven entrepreneurship research.
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Eric Shaunn Mattingly. "Dependent Variables in Entrepreneurship Research" The Journal of Entrepreneurship (2015)
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