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Tossing DARTS at Undergraduate Psychology Education: Design, Assessment, Retention, Transfer, and Skills
Department of Psychology, University of Auckland (2012)
  • Eric Landrum, Boise State University

During this colloquium I will (gently) challenge attendees to consider the most current research available on the general effectiveness of the undergraduate psychology curriculum and to reflect about their own pedagogical practices. Systematically, we will examine the following areas:

Design Issues: If a faculty member or department were interested in designing or re-designing a psychology course, what would be the key design issues to be considered? How might the principles of backward design or 'flipping a course' be effectively applied?

Assessment Practices: How can meaningful assessment be accomplished for psychology students and majors, particularly in large enrollment courses? How can technology (particularly mobile technology) be leveraged to facilitate assessment?

Retention Evidence: What do our students learn and retain from their psychology coursework? What research questions do we need SoTL researchers to immediately address and contribute to the international literature on undergraduate psychology education?

Transfer (Prerequisites for Other Courses): What types of knowledge are transferred to the application of future classes? How do future classes rely on prerequisite knowledge gained in introductory psychology, and what is the beneficial effect of earlier psychology courses to later courses?

Skills: What skills (if any) do we expect psychology students and majors to possess by the conclusion of a course or their degree program? Given the added challenge of large-enrollment courses, how can skills (and skills assessment) be embedded into psychology course experiences?

During this colloquium, attendees will be encouraged to reflect on the DARTS and student learning. My goal is that those who attend will depart with at least "one good idea" to consider regarding the implementation and execution of the undergraduate psychology curriculum.

Publication Date
March 28, 2012
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Eric Landrum. "Tossing DARTS at Undergraduate Psychology Education: Design, Assessment, Retention, Transfer, and Skills" Department of Psychology, University of Auckland (2012)
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