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Alumni Perceptions of Workforce Readiness
Teaching of Psychology
  • R. Eric Landrum, Boise State University
  • Paul I. Hettich, DePaul University
  • Abby Wilner, JBL Associates
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We surveyed psychology alumni (N = 78) about (a) their preparedness and competency on 54 areas of workforce readiness, (b) changes since graduation on 33 adjectives describing emotional states and personality qualities, and (c) suggestions for universities about how to provide opportunities that enhance workforce success. Among the highest rated qualities expected in the workplace were self-discipline and responsibility, and among the greatest changes in emotional qualities were increased confidence, independence, and maturity. Respondents also provided revealing open-ended suggestions for improving workplace readiness and success. We discuss these results in light of recent, national attention to workforce readiness, the American Psychological Association's (APA) Guidelines for the Undergraduate Psychology Major (APA, 2007), and future steps for psychology educators to help current students make the transition to successful alumni.
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R. Eric Landrum, Paul I. Hettich and Abby Wilner. "Alumni Perceptions of Workforce Readiness" Teaching of Psychology (2010)
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