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One tutorial, two universities: How technology can be adapted to meet the needs of multiple libraries
Proceedings of the Forty-Fourth Annual LOEX Library Instruction Conference (2016)
  • Betsy A. Williams
  • Rita Kohrman, Grand Valley State University
  • Justin Melick, Grand Valley State University
  • Valerie Beech, Marquette University
  • Eric A. Kowalik
How many times have you participated in this scenario?

Student: I can’t find this article in the databases (she shows you a citation).
You: Oh, this citation is for a book. Let’s check the catalog.

Helping students understand citations seems to be an on-going activity, but learning about citations can be boring and requires attention to detail. In order to address this problem, we created a fun tutorial using drag-and-drop technology that can be used in an online environment or in the classroom. The tutorial helps students identify the elements of a citation, place them in the correct order, and distinguish among citations for articles, books, and book chapters. In this paper, we will share how Marquette University Libraries created the tutorial using Articulate Storyline, added it to GitHub as an open source download, and how Grand Valley State University Libraries adapted the tutorial. We will also share the peaks and pitfalls we experienced along the way, including results of our student and faculty surveys.
  • citations,
  • APA,
  • MLA,
  • Articulate Storyline,
  • tutorial
Publication Date
Spring May 13, 2016
Publisher Statement
Accepted version for LOEX 2016 Proceedings, advance online publication
Citation Information
Williams, B., Kohrman, R., Melick, J., Beech, V., & Kowalik, E. (In press). . In B. Sietz (Ed.), Learning from the past, building for the future: Proceedings of the Forty-Fourth Annual LOEX Library Instruction Conference. Ypsilanti, MI: LOEX Press.
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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons CC_BY-NC-SA International License.