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Alien Torts in Europe? Human Rights and Tort in European Law
ZERP-Diskussionspapier No. 1/20 (2005)
  • Eric A. Engle
Human rights are universally recognized. Their enforcement, however, often requires the action of particular states. This paper examines private law remedies in tort in several Member states of the European Union to remedy human rights violations occurring outside the European Union. It concludes that the laws examined are examples of universal jurisdiction and rights and duties of private persons under international law, which are two key elements of the post-Westphalian state system.
  • alien,
  • tort,
  • statute,
  • ATS,
  • claims,
  • ATCA,
  • EU,
  • EC,
  • EEC,
  • action civil
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(c) Eric Engle
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Eric A. Engle. "Alien Torts in Europe? Human Rights and Tort in European Law" ZERP-Diskussionspapier No. 1/20 Iss. 1/20 (2005)
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