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Ignorance of wrong in the insanity defence
University of Western Ontario Law Review (1981)
  • Eric Colvin, University of Saskatchewan
[extract] The present discussion focuses upon ignorance of wrong as a ground for the insanity defence, since this has caused the most difficulties in practice and has attracted the fullest judicial commentary. It incorporates analysis of the present legal position in Canada on the standard of wrongfulness, appraisal of the present law in light of the older authorities and of the theoretical basis for the defence, and consideration of the role of ignorance of wrong in principles of criminal responsibility.
  • ignorance of wrong,
  • insanity defence,
  • Canada,
  • criminal responsibility
Publication Date
January 1, 1981
Citation Information
Eric Colvin. "Ignorance of wrong in the insanity defence" University of Western Ontario Law Review (1981)
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