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Federal jurisdiction over support after divorce
Ottawa Law Review (1979)
  • Eric Colvin, University of Saskatchewan

The present analysis is directed to the scope of federal jurisdiction and excludes the interaction of federal and provincial law. After a preliminary review of the constitutional framework for support after divorce and of the theory of ancillary powers, some major questions about the scope of federal jurisdiction will be examined. These concern the forms in which material support may be awarded, the temporal dimension of support awards, and the persons who may be subjects of such awards. Finally, some comments will be made on the prospects for constitutional change in this area.

  • paramountcy,
  • divorce,
  • support awards,
  • federal jurisdiction,
  • consitutional law,
  • Canada
Publication Date
January 1, 1979
Citation Information
Eric Colvin. "Federal jurisdiction over support after divorce" Ottawa Law Review (1979)
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