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Blood samples and the intoxicated driver in Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan Law Review (1984)
  • Eric Colvin, University of Saskatchewan
[extract] It appears to be widely believed that the Criminal Code does not at present make adequate provision for the use of blood-sample evidence in prosecuting the intoxicated driver. Concern with the limitations of the existing law has focused particularly upon the potential immunity from prosecution of i) drivers who have been rendered unconscious by an accident and who are therefore unable to display impairment or to comply with a demand for a breath sample and ii) drivers whose intoxication is due to a drug other than alcohol and whose impairment will therefore not be indicated by a breath sample. In response to the perceived deficiencies of the Code, the provinces of Manitoba, British Columbia and most recently Saskatchewan have enacted legislation relating to blood samples.
  • drink driving,
  • legislation,
  • blood samples,
  • breath testing,
  • Saskatchewan,
  • Canada
Publication Date
January 1, 1984
Citation Information
Eric Colvin. "Blood samples and the intoxicated driver in Saskatchewan" Saskatchewan Law Review (1984)
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