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About Eric Biber

Eric Biber's teaching and research interests are environmental and natural resources law, administrative law, and property.
Biber's scholarship has appeared in a wide range of law reviews, including the University of Chicago Law Review, UCLA Law Review, University of Colorado Law Review, Harvard Environmental Law Review, Environmental Law, NYU Environmental Law Journal, and Administrative Law Review. Biber's UCLA Law Review article "Officious Intermeddlers or Citizen Experts? Petitions and Public Production of Information in Environmental Law" (co-authored with Berry Brosi) was selected by a national survey of environmental law professors as one of the top ten law review articles in the field of environmental law in 2011; the article was also selected as one of the top pieces of scholarship produced by junior legal scholars at the Stanford/Yale Junior Faculty Form in June, 2010. Biber's Harvard Environmental Law Review/article "Too Many Things to Do: How to Deal with the Dysfunctions of Multiple-Goal Agencies" was also selected for the Stanford/Yale Junior Faculty Forum in June, 2008. Biber's University of Colorado Law Review article "The Problem of Environmental Monitoring" was selected as one of the top policy-relevant environmental law articles of 2011-12 by the Environmental Law Institute's Environmental Law and Policy Annual Review. Biber has published in several leading peer-reviewed natural science and social science journals, including Society and Natural Resources, Frontiers in Ecology and Environment, Ecography, and Science.


Present Affiliated Faculty, Berkeley Law Center for Law, Energy & the Environment
Present Professor of Law, Berkeley Law

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