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Some Notes on Lord Byron's Prometheus
OpenLearning's Great Poem Series MOOC on Shelley's Prometheus Unbound
  • Eric Alan Weinstein, University of Pennsylvania
  • Susan Wolfson, Princeton University
A short note on Lord Byron's poem, Prometheus, by Susan Wolfson at Penn Shelley Seminars, hosted by Eric Alan Weinstein, Fall 2014 Unit 1, Module 2 (Prometheus Cluster) Video 6 in The Great Poems Series U.P. MOOC
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The Great Poems Series, OpenLearning
  • Byron,
  • Prometheus,
  • Wolfson,
  • Weinstein

Part of the Unbinding Prometheus Project's Penn Shelley Seminars at Upenn;

materials published in OpenLearning's Great Poem Series Shelley MOOC.

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Eric Alan Weinstein and Susan Wolfson. "Some Notes on Lord Byron's Prometheus" (2014)
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