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Reading Aloud: Lord Byron's Prometheus
OpenLearning's Great Poem Series MOOC on Shelley's Prometheus Unbound
  • Eric Alan Weinstein, University of Pennsylvania
A reading of Lord Byron's poem, Prometheus by Eric Alan Weinstein. Penn Shelley Seminar Series, featured in OpenLearnings's Unbinding Prometheus MOOC on Percy Shelley. Part of The Great Poems Series. Unit 1, Module 2 (Prometheus Cluster), Video 2 Recorded at Van Pelt Library, Fall term, 2014.
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The Great Poems Series, OpenLearning
  • Lord Byron,
  • Prometheus,
  • Weinstein
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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0
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Eric Alan Weinstein. "Reading Aloud: Lord Byron's Prometheus" (2014)
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