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About Eric Alan Weinstein

Eric Alan Weinstein is the academic coordinator of The Unbinding Prometheus Project. He hosts the Penn Shelley Seminars, is co-director of the Prometheus Collaborative Digital Initiative, and director of Open Learning's “The Great Poems Series.” He will also help co-chair the upcoming day conference on Percy Shelley and Prometheus Unbound. Eric's academic interests include the British romantic poets, Walt Whitman, the post-modern novel, Jewish thought, and contemporary British drama and poetry. He has recently begun a project entitled "Singing 'Myself' Together: 52 Collaborative Close Readings of Walt Whitman’s Song Of Myself" in which he will close read each section of Song of Myself in collaboration with 52 poets, critics, artists, and other people from around the world who appreciate Whitman’s poetry.


Present Director of OpenLearning's “The Great Poems Series.", University of Pennsylvania
Present Academic Coordinator, The Unbinding Prometheus Project, University of Pennsylvania

Literature in English, North America (1)

Literature in English, British Isles (13)

Pedagogy and Curriculum (1)