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Implementing a Learner-Centered Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience Model at a Community Hospital
Currents in Pharmacy Teaching & Learning (2015)
  • Shusen Sun, Western New England University
  • Eric C Nemec, II, Sacred Heart University
  • Ed Tessier
  • Brian Joyce
To implement and evaluate a learner-centered introductory pharmacy practice experience (IPPE) model for doctor of pharmacy students at a community hospital.

A learner-centered IPPE model was implemented to promote engagement and self-learning for IPPE students. A Core Teaching Team (CTT) was established to provide consistent training and didactic lectures to all IPPE students on selected topics at the practice site. Pharmacy instructors were trained to conduct learner-centered teaching as well as to provide effective and immediate feedback to IPPE learners upon completion of each teaching and learning. An IPPE Learning Assessment Grid (ILAG) was used to track learners’ progress and to select weekly IPPE activities and pharmacy instructors.

The outcome of the IPPE model was assessed through a survey to pharmacy instructors at the practice site and through evaluations from IPPE learners.

A learner-centered IPPE model was associated with preceptor and learner satisfaction and facilitated pharmacy instructor teaching.
  • pharmacy learner,
  • introductory pharmacy practice experience,
  • learner-centered,
  • IPPE model
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Sun, S., Nemec, E.C., Tessier, E., & Joyce, B. (2015). Implementing a learner-centered introductory pharmacy practice experience model at a community hospital. Currents in Pharmacy Teaching & Learning, 7(2), 231-238. doi:10.1016/j.cptl.2014.11.018