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The Impact of an Immersive Elective on Learners' Understanding of Lifestyle Medicine and Its Role in Patients' Lives
American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education (2014)
  • Eric C Nemec, II, Sacred Heart University
  • Melissa J. Mattison, Western New England University
Objective. To design an immersive, active learning, lifestyle medicine (LM) elective and evaluate its impact on a pharmacy learners’ ability to understand the challenges of implementing lifestyle changes.

Design. A 3-credit elective was developed that incorporated goal setting and immersion into the realm of LM as experienced by both the patient and the practitioner. Learners were assessed via a survey instrument, formal assignments, reflections, and the Presidential Fitness Challenge.

Assessment. Learners reported that their ability to initiate LM as a primary intervention within a care plan significantly increased after taking this course. They also improved their overall health.

Conclusion. By identifying and implementing self-identified lifestyle modifications, learners increased confidence in their abilities to produce evidence-based outcomes for patients. Learners were able to understand the challenges of trying to change their daily habits as they undertook their own personal goals.
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Citation Information
Mattison, M.J. & Nemec, E.C. (2014). The impact of an immersive elective on learners' understanding of a lifestyle medicine and its role in patients' lives, 78(8). doi:10.5688/ajpe788154