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Operationally defining family SMEs: a critical review
Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development (2021)
  • Paolo Roffia
  • Stefania Moracchiato
  • Eric Liguori, Rowan University
  • Sascha Kraus
In this study, we investigated the dilemma of devising an operational family business definition in the SME context. The existing family business literature mostly agrees with the validity of a theoretical model called F-PEC, which identifies family businesses by evaluating three dimensions: power, experience, and culture. Nonetheless, empirical studies on family SMEs still use just one or a few elements with many different thresholds to operationally define family SMEs, highlighting an unsolved definitional divergence among scholars, which limits the possibility of investigating the potential effects of family attributes on firms’ goals, structures, processes, and performance.
Publication Date
January 4, 2021
Citation Information
Paolo Roffia, Stefania Moracchiato, Eric Liguori and Sascha Kraus. "Operationally defining family SMEs: a critical review" Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development (2021)
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