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Nanotechnology tools for functional proteomics analysis
American Biotechnology Laboratory (2001)
  • Michael W. Clark, BioForce Laboratory, Inc.
  • Eric Henderson, BioForce Laboratory, Inc.
  • Will Henderson, BioForce Laboratory, Inc.
  • Asun Kristmundsdottir, BioForce Laboratory, Inc.
  • Michael Lynch, BioForce Laboratory, Inc.
  • Curtis Mosher, BioForce Laboratory, Inc.
  • Saju Nettikadan, BioForce Laboratory, Inc.
Now THAT THE HUMAN GENOME has been fully sequenced as well as Barker's yeast, the nematode, the fruit fly, and over 20 bacteria, the next step in this monumental research project is understanding the function and interactions of the hundreds of thousands of proteins that are encoded by those DNA sequences. Studying the proteome, which is the entire portein profile of a cell, will be the next phase in this worldwide endeavor. Functional proteomics will play an important role in understanding the action and interaction of that proteome during the functioning of a living cell.
Publication Date
March, 2001
Publisher Statement
Reproduced with permission from Clark, M.W.; Henderson, E.; et al. Nanotechnology tools for functional proteomics analysis. Am. Biotech. Lab. 2001.
Citation Information
Michael W. Clark, Eric Henderson, Will Henderson, Asun Kristmundsdottir, et al.. "Nanotechnology tools for functional proteomics analysis" American Biotechnology Laboratory Vol. 19 Iss. 4 (2001) p. 16 - 18
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