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Decontamination device and method thereof
Iowa State University Patents
  • Eric Henderson, Iowa State University
  • James Vesenka
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One embodiment of a decontamination device for a surface, such as a probe, and method thereof in accordance with the present invention includes a first electrode, a second electrode, and a transformer. The first electrode comprises a housing with an opening and one end of the second electrode is positioned in the opening. The second electrode has an elongated-shape which tapers to a point at the one end adjacent to the opening. The transformer is mounted in the housing and has first and second pairs of leads. One of the second pair of leads is coupled to the first electrode and the other of the second pair of leads is coupled to the second electrode. A surface to be cleaned is placed adjacent to the point and the device is turned on for a preset period of time to generate free radicals, such as ozone plasma, which remove debris build-up on the surface.
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US 5,935,339
Iowa State University
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Eric Henderson and James Vesenka. "Decontamination device and method thereof" (1999)
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