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Unpublished Paper
Programmable DNA Nanosystem for Molecular Interrogation
Scientific Reports
  • Davita Mathur, United States Naval Research Laboratory
  • Eric R. Henderson, Iowa State University
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We describe a self-assembling DNA-based nanosystem for interrogating molecular interactions. The nanosystem contains a rigid supporting dumbbell-shaped frame, a cylindrical central core, and a mobile ring that is coaxial with the core. Motion of the ring is influenced by several control elements whose force-generating capability is based on the transition of single-stranded DNA to double-stranded DNA. These forces can be directed to act in opposition to adhesive forces between the ring and the frame thereby providing a mechanism for molecular detection and interrogation at the ring-frame interface. As proof of principle we use this system to evaluate base stacking adhesion and demonstrate detection of a soluble nucleic acid viral genome mimic.

This article is from Scientific Reports 6 (2016): 27413, doi: 10.1038/srep27413.

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Davita Mathur and Eric R. Henderson. "Programmable DNA Nanosystem for Molecular Interrogation" Scientific Reports Vol. 6 (2016) p. 27413
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