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Inquiry and Ideology: Teaching Everyday Forms of Historical Thinking
  • Eric B. Freedman, Sacred Heart University
In this design-based study, an eleven-week curricular module in recent American history was developed that departed from both the epistemology and ideology of traditional textbooks. The curriculum instantiated a constructivist epistemology by having students assess multiple historical narratives and sources of evidence. It instantiated a critical-multiculturalist ideology by probing into topics related to poverty, racial inequality, and the Vietnam War. The curriculum also emphasized everyday forms of historical thinking that citizens utilize in their daily lives over disciplinary forms utilized by professional historians. The aim was for the recent past to elucidate public issues of the present.  
  • History Study and teaching,
  • History curriculum,
  • United States History,
  • Curriculum development
Publication Date
Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction
ISBN 9781109659788
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Eric B. Freedman. "Inquiry and Ideology: Teaching Everyday Forms of Historical Thinking" (2009)
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