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Integrating social responsibility of business, civil society and government: New perspectives on measuring public value
University of Minnesota - Center for Integrative Leadership (2012)
  • Enrico Guarini
This paper aims to offer a set of preliminary answers to the question of how governments themselves should shape policy-making, performance measurement and reporting in order to improve the social responsibility of non profit organizations and business. The paper describes a case study based on a five-year research project that involved a regional government in Italy. The initiative focused on encouraging and supporting local leaders in government, business and civil society to develop and to share the Region's public value reporting as a common resource. Following a brief discussion about 'public value' and the 'social responsibility' of organizations, the paper describes how participating actors framed social responsibility in a multi-sector context and across government layers. Implications for public management and governance are then discussed.
  • Public Value,
  • Cross-Sector Collaboration,
  • Public Governance
Publication Date
Fall September 22, 2012
Citation Information
Integrating Social Responsibility of Business, Civil Society and Government: New Perspectives on Measuring Public Value. Paper presented at the International Conference "Creating Public Value in a Multi-Sector, Shared-Power World", University of Minnesota, Center for Integrative Leadership, September 20-22, Minneapolis, USA.