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About Enrico Carloni

I am currently an Associate Professor of Administrative Law in the Department of Political Sciences at the University of Perugia. I received my PhD in Public Law from the University of Bologna (Department of Administrative Law - SPISA), 2001. I was just contract-researcher (2002-2004) and stable researcher (2005-2007) in the University of Perugia.
I'm local coordinator in a research of national interest on Academic regulation and reform of Italian university system (2008-today), and I was involved in many national research project (i.e. on Public transparency, Public Ethics, Health System, eGovernment, Local government regulation).
I edited a book on Italian regional-federal system (2004), and a commentary on italian regulation of electronic government (2005). I am
currently looking on the role of public agencies and administrations in creating knowledge and using it.
I'm currently professor of "Media and Communication law", "Advanced Media Law", "Applicated Administrative Law".


Present Associate Professor of Administrative Law, University of Perugia
Present Phd in Public Law, University of Bologna

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Contact Information

Dipartimento Istituzioni e Società
via A. Pascoli, 33
06123 PERUGIA (Italy)
Tel. +39 075 5852469
Fax + 39 075 5852476


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