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Chocolate news by CBS_Philly.mp4
  • enpeng du, Temple University
Chocolate is one of the most popular food types and flavors in the world. Unfortunately, at present, chocolate products contain too much fat, leading to obesity. While calling to reduce the fat level in chocolate was raised decades ago, no actual solution was found. Here we show that this issue is deeply related to the basic science of soft matters, especially to their viscosity and maximally random jammed (MRJ) density. With application of a moderate electric field to liquid chocolate, we can aggregate its suspended particles into prolate spheroids, reducing the viscosity along the flow direction and increasing MRJ density. Hence the fat level in chocolate can be effectively reduced. We are thus expecting a new class of healthier and tasteful chocolate coming to the market soon. 
Publication Date
Summer August 3, 2016
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enpeng du. "Chocolate news by CBS_Philly.mp4" (2016)
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